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What We Do . . .

Float Solutions is a small studio committed to creating usable, accessible websites and applications. We merge content and design into a uniform development process combining visual elegance with technical sustainability.


Websites that float rise above the constant problems common to Internet content. A Float Solution will remain buoyant, accessible, striking, and compatible well into the future of the web. Our seamless integration of content and design invites visitors to lose themselves in your Float website for hours, clicking on and on without ever thinking about clicking away.


The future of the Internet is one in which any human being or form of technology will be able to easily access and navigate your website. Float Solutions specializes in user interaction consultancy and accessibility, which means that web travelers will feel welcomed and comfortable at your easy-to-find, simple-to-use online destination.


At Float Solutions, we believe in web standards. This means that all of our creations are extremely search-engine friendly. It also means that your websites and applications will be designed to evolve easily and gracefully along with the Internet. We use web standards to develop sites that understand you, so that you don't have to understand them.


Many web design companies outsource content to copy-hacks who are given little idea as to the ultimate vision you have for your project. However, top-notch websites require high quality content in order to be visible and accessible. Float Solutions offers the unique service of a content & design team that work together to create a coherent, arresting online experience.

Portfolio . . .

RottenWood Banjos

Rottenwood Banjos manufactures quality handmade banjos. Rottenwood Banjos places a strong importance on environment by reclaiming and sustainably harvesting much of the wood that goes into its instruments.

A simple wordpress based portfolio site for an independent business.

RottenWood Banjos

Who We Are . . .

Float Solutions, in its current form as a creative web development studio, was incorporated in 2004. Over the past couple of years, we have worked on web design and development projects large and small. We have a strong client base that has delighted in the success of our work, and we are continuing to expand and evolve along with the Internet. We keep up to date with the latest business trends and technologies, and maintain our commitment to creating sustainable, usable web solutions.

Anne Stewart jumped straight out of her overlong student career into the heady world of web copy writing. Six years later, she has racked up a mountain of experience generating unique, stylish content for online businesses and publications. Anne’s writing combines the storytelling flair of a student of literature with the to-the-point technical style of a professional copywriter. This killer combo makes for web content that is rich in both human appeal and straightforward SEO-friendly data.

Aidan McQuay got his first computer at the age of twelve, and since then has been a key player in the evolution of the Internet. Because of his vision and technical skill as an artist, he has settled into developing dynamic web applications fulltime over the last decade. He has worked on everything from open source software to enterprise-level systems. Aidan specializes in standards-based web development. He regularly publishes articles on web design and PHP programming that further attest to his almost scarily vast knowledge of accessible, usable web solutions.

Drupal Consulting . . .

Float Solutions has been using Drupal to create custom highly interactive user experiences for over 5 years. At Float we feel Drupal represents the future of the web. Drupal's amazing community has allowed it to become something in between a CMS and an Application framework. We're proud to work with Drupal on a daily basis.

Float Solutions has helped dozens of clients big and small with Drupal related consulting. We can help you create sound project spec document, scale your website, do Drupal module code review, and a myriad of other services.

Drupal Blog . . .

Offline Documentation for Drupal

There's a lot of crap out there in google land when you try and search for a offline version of drupal's documentation. I've been searching for this for quite some time and never came across the final bullet proof solution for...    Read More

Controlling Drupal Block Display

So there's two ways you can go about displaying blocks on your site. You can use the excellent contexts module which will allow you to create smart contexts within your site and basically do what I'm going to explain below with...    Read More

Drupal IRSSI/Console Setup

This is my dedicated stand alone drupal irssi setup. Here are some features: Autoconnects to Joins my fav channels #php and #drupal Included customized and configured version of Console Custom reshacked...    Read More

EMACS Blog . . .

emacsclientw.exe Opens New Frames on Windows 7

There is an issue specific to Windows 7 that will cause emacs open new frames even if you have the server running. I believe for me there are actually two issues: 1) The emacs server file cannot be stored anywhere except within...    Read More

Bloging from Emacs!

wooho it works!    Read More

Displaying Inline Images in Emacs org-mode

I had to patch together some various emacs from around the web to get inline images with iimage.el working in emacs exactly the way I wanted. Here's some info: Load and displays images in org files on initial load Provides a...    Read More

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